Pink Tent #2

At some point there must be a more creative way to discern between the Pink Tent posts! This will be short, like our meeting.

It was a dark and rainy night. There were late cookie deliveries and two frenetic, stressed out leaders and there were 6 girls waiting…

This time the girls were a bit less trepidacious than at our first meeting but there was still a bit of tension. We opened with music by Mumford and Sons, danced a little, and sat down for the story of La Mariposa, from Clarissa Pinkola Estes book, Women Who Run With the Wolves. It was a long read given that I began with some of the body image stuff from the beginning of the chapter before moving into the actual story. The girls managed to mostly stay with me, though.

Then Patricia took over and we addressed the ‘G’: growing, changing bodies. We did some talking about topical things then moved to self-image (‘I’= image. If you read the first post, you may remember that our topics for discussion are G.I.R.L.S. G-growing,changing bodies; I-image/self image; R-relationships; L-love/hate; S-stuff!)

Once chatter died down, we moved on to Stuff, then we did the ‘flooding’ in which each girl is told one nice thing about herself by each of the other girls. This is a challenge but they love it! Rules are that it’s okay to repeat yourself or the other girls; you have to make whatever you say an honest compliment; there can be no sarcasm; there is no negative self-talk when you’re trying to think of something; take your time!; keep it real. From a personal perspective, I really see my own girl trying to live up to the kind words her peers have for her.

After this, the leaders leave the girls to snack and chat, hopefully on-topic and definitely as a group and not as little clusters or pairs. We try and give them 45-50 minutes for this but we had a slow start and thus they didn’t get enough time–and they were vocal about their need for more of that! It’s good to know that there will be a next time and that it’s okay to be a little less than perfect because we get a do-over.

Patricia led us in an earth salutation which may have helped some girls ground more than it did others. They were a giggly bunch as they headed out the front door.

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