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This was our first Pink Tent after a long summer off. My family and I did a lot of traveling and Patricia has a new baby who was born in late July. The girls were all much changed too. Coming into the Temple as the group was getting settled there was a lot of sarcasm and many snarky comments were directed at one or two of the girls. It was difficult to… Read More

In back of our house is a shed that looks like a cottage. It is small, 10×14 or so and painted pumpkin orange inside. Eventually it is supposed to become my Reiki studio and herbal apothecary space but for now the door is a little leaky and so it is used primarily for our monthly Red Tent temple and the occasional meditation when it’s not too cold. Now it is also used for our Pink Tents… Read More

This blog is here to share information about several things: Herbal healing with infusions, decoctions, tinctures, oils, salves and honeys. These recipes will go into the pages section rather than onto the blog proper. Four Oaks Healing, my home-based healing business. I do cranio-sacral, Reiki, flower essence testing, herbal consultations, circles for girls and women and, coming in May 2014, a Shamanic Priestess Process circle! The occasional feminist rant. Unity consciousness. Other… Read More

For our 3rd meeting, we focused on Sizes and Moods, two things the girls have expressed a great deal of interest in. In honor of one of our attendees and my Shamanic Priestess friend, we did not do full body dancing. Instead, we played a song and did ‘Thumb Dancing, with Slight Upper Body Movement.’ It was hilarious and fun and everyone participated which isn’t always the case with full body dancing!… Read More