Pink Tent, gathering #3

For our 3rd meeting, we focused on Sizes and Moods, two things the girls have expressed a great deal of interest in. In honor of one of our attendees and my Shamanic Priestess friend, we did not do full body dancing. Instead, we played a song and did ‘Thumb Dancing, with Slight Upper Body Movement.’ It was hilarious and fun and everyone participated which isn’t always the case with full body dancing! By the end our thumbs were exhausted and we were all giggling like crazy people.

Our story for the week was The Descent of Inanna. I used Starhawk’s version from Circle Round. It was perfect–long enough, written in a way that was easy to read and understand. I explained to the girls that being women means we all make this descent into the underworld and that it is well and good for us to do so, that having moods, even dark moods, is to be honored and expected and that these moods are nothing to be ashamed of. I read a couple of excerpts from Circle of Stones that ask “How would things be different…” if we had a woman who would sit with us when we were sad or angry or depressed, if we had someone, a woman, who would sit with us and just honor our mood and our feelings?

We took a few minutes during which the girls could ask questions or to allow them to process before moving on to…

Sizes! This was much more fun. Each girl in turn described what she had learned about the sizes and shapes of her grandparents and what her parents sizes and shapes were. She then told us what she expected her own size to be when she is completely finished growing. Patricia, my co-leader even brought a scrapbook for her daughter with photographs of both sides of her daughter’s family (Mom’s and Dad’s). It was very cool and interesting and I think it really helped the girls understand why some of them are Pixie-like and others more Amazonian.

We adults tried really hard to get out of there at the end of the first hour so that the girls would have plenty of time to talk among themselves, which they never do! The girls had their time for chatting and snacking while we leaders chatted in another room. The girls really enjoy their time with each other and want more of this space to simply be with one another to talk and giggle without any classes or sports or other agenda.

To end we did a grounding meditation. We have been doing yoga but because our space is so small, there really is not room for it. The meditation did seem to ground the girls and we ended on a sweet, peaceful note.

I’m not sure how the Pink Tent mamas feel about the girls staying for longer…or how we leaders feel about it, either. It’s a good sign, I think, that they are enjoying one another so much and are building a trusting community of friends.

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