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Monthly Archives: November 2013

I keep reading this ‘joke’. It’s everywhere. I hear it from people at the bar where my eldest daughter waitresses. I see it on FB almost daily. And it offends me every single time. Where, I wonder, did these people learn trust if not in the arms of a woman? If a human cannot trust while floating in the womb of a mother who has made a soul contract to bring them… Read More

I have questions. Questions about how I look at life, how I feel about life, how I feel about myself and my age. I think that I’m supposed to feel like giving up now, like it’s okay to look like shit if I can’t look 21, like I’m supposed to fade into the background and that any effort to do otherwise will make me weird (which I already am anyway) and pathetic… Read More

Many of us recognize that advertisements for menstrual products are not at all realistic. They show women in white prancing through fields of wildflowers and butterflies. The more direct ads show a pair of hands pouring blue liquid from a beaker onto a sanitary napkin but never a tampon. I don’t know about you but I bleed red blood from ::gasp:: my vagina, not blue liquid from a beaker. It’s also uncommon… Read More

In our 4th Pink Tent circle we worked on the letter ‘S’ from our G.I.R.L.S. layout. ‘S’ stands for Stuff according to the list but in my mind, S has always been for Sex, because we really need to talk about that topic with the girls. We used handouts that I received via a wonderful workshop I’ve been participating in with Katharine Kruger from Journey of Young Women. You can find more… Read More