Pink Tent #5, ‘S’

In our 4th Pink Tent circle we worked on the letter ‘S’ from our G.I.R.L.S. layout. ‘S’ stands for Stuff according to the list but in my mind, S has always been for Sex, because we really need to talk about that topic with the girls.

We used handouts that I received via a wonderful workshop I’ve been participating in with Katharine Kruger from Journey of Young Women. You can find more information about her Mentoring Training by clicking here.

Our story for the month was one about the moon from Circle Round, by Starhawk. Patricia made up a game with notecards and little slips of paper with slang terms for body parts on them. Everyone got 5 slips of paper and we each had to guess if the terms applied to toes or heads or testicles, etc. The girls learned about and then labeled the internal and external parts of both male and female reproductive anatomy. This was not an in-depth learning of the functions, only a located it, name it and label it type experience. During their time alone they crafted models of a reproductive system of their choice.

We decided to save the flooding for after the alone time so that the girls could focus on this and come up with things to say to one another. Sometimes this activity takes them by surprise and they have a hard time with it. I believe that we must persist, however, so that they really learn to see the wonder in one another. This month I had each young lady pull a card from a tarot deck  and told them about it’s meaning.

We had a brief closing chat and everyone gathered up their things and left.

This was a session where I, as a mentor, ventured into unknown territory and found it quite friendly. The girls, while giggly and a bit uncomfortable, were attentive and open to what we were doing. They all took their charts home and I hope they will be able to name all of the male and female reproductive parts with some ease. We will build on this next month when we discuss menstruation.

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