I’m 49. Should I Give Up Now?

I have questions. Questions about how I look at life, how I feel about life, how I feel about myself and my age. I think that I’m supposed to feel like giving up now, like it’s okay to look like shit if I can’t look 21, like I’m supposed to fade into the background and that any effort to do otherwise will make me weird (which I already am anyway) and pathetic in a way. Dressing up in an age appropriate fashion, IN age appropriate fashion, if it’s pretty or bright or atypical or if it’s not a pastel colored mumu seems to be viewed as something we had best not do.

I’m also under the impression that I should fade physically. This is a bad time to take up sky diving or yoga or jogging. Let’s face it: what’s the point? At 49 I’m too old to have a nice body.

Wait. What? Let’s read that again: At 49 I’m too old to have a nice body.

Is that what exercise is about? *Looking* good? Could it, maybe, be about *feeling* good instead? Could it be about maintaining flexibility, strength and bone mass into old/er age? Could it be about feeling myself and the life force energy that I am told every single day of my life that I shouldn’t be feeling because, let’s face it, I’m already too old?

Yes. It could.

This morning in my Facebook feed, there was a video about 6 women. I’m posting it below. I’m posting it for my friends and my daughters and for anyone else who is a woman or a man, who is old or young, and who wants to continue living life beyond the age when we’re supposed to give. So far as I can tell, for women that age arrives around the 50th year. The video is long. At least watch the intro. It is worth a few minutes of your time. In fact, it might wake you up enough to realize that you have a lot more of it than you thought.

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