Never Trust Anything That Can Bleed for 5 Days and Not Die

I keep reading this ‘joke’. It’s everywhere. I hear it from people at the bar where my eldest daughter waitresses. I see it on FB almost daily. And it offends me every single time.

Where, I wonder, did these people learn trust if not in the arms of a woman? If a human cannot trust while floating in the womb of a mother who has made a soul contract to bring them forth in screaming pain, while bleeding her own life’s blood (which she has shared with that little human for months already), then when can one trust?*

I am tired of this ‘joke’, this meme that people pass around. It belittles women. It makes young girls afraid of their bodies, and yes people, you tell this joke in front of little girls, may as well admit it. It makes boys afraid of women’s bodies, too. Boys and young men should not be afraid of women! They should be curious, if they’re sexually inclined to be curious about the opposite sex, about women’s bodies. They should be reverent and amazed and interested, not frightened, not grossed out by some myth that we pass along that women’s bodies are gross and disgusting. Our young women and our young men should know that women’s bodies are perfect and beautiful, as are men’s bodies and the bodies of those who aren’t quite one or the other, that all of us (genitals included) are designed perfectly, in grace and in just the right way.

Women menstruate. It’s part of what makes us women. It is not something that makes us bad or dirty. Not any more than ejaculating makes a man weird or gross. I don’t see any memes going around about that.

*Note: a friend pointed out that she certainly didn’t learn trust in the arms of her mother and she has a valid and much larger point than the one about herself–many of us, women in particular, have not learned to trust in the arms of our mothers. Many of us learn trust in circles of women, or to trust ourselves, our instincts and our natures as cyclical, moon guided beings. I think that most women do not learn trust from men. There is a large part of a generation, or more than one generation, in the Western world who have been unmothered. That is a topic for another day.

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