One of my favorite things to make and use at home are herbal salves. They keep forever, are easy to keep in a pot in my purse, make great gifts, smell fantastic and are good for a variety of things from lip balm to wound care. I am including recipes for 2 of my favorite salves here. The recipes are really easy to alter to fit your needs. Just keep the basic wax:oil ratio the same and you’re in business.

Calendula Salve:

12 oz oil, in this case organic extra virgin olive oil infused with calendula
1 T cocoa butter
4 oz beeswax
1 T Vitamin E Oil
1 dropperful of carrot seed oil
10-20 d geranium essential oil
1/2 c coconut oil

I like to use a mini crock pot for making salves, they heat slowly and don’t get too hot.
Drop the wax into the crock pot and allow to melt. I use a chop stick to stir the wax now and then. Once the wax is melted, add the oils and stir around to combine. Pot immediately and allow to cool with covers off. Once cooled put the lids on and voila!

3 Oil Salve:

4 oz calendula infused oil
2 oz plantain infused oil
6 oz comfrey infused oil
4 oz beeswax, chopped
1 dropperful carrot seed oil
15 d rose essential oil
1/2 c coconut oil
1 T cocoa butter

Follow instructions above.

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