In an Effort to Stop My Husband from Eating CAFO Pork Liver

We’re all adults here, right? Well, no matter, this post is about why my husband needs to stop eating CAFO pork which is child-friendly enough. He’s a smart guy and yet? He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand why it’s dangerous to eat THE POISON FILTER, aka liver, of an animal who likely had Hepatitis virus, lived it’s life wallowing in it’s own shit and died terrified and crazy.
For me, not eating CAFO meat is easy. It tastes bad, it smells bad, and I don’t want to ingest terror and illness. No brainer. For him? He would rather eat a huge hunk of commercial braunschweiger than do a little extra driving to buy pork liver that isn’t filled with toxins.
Remember the movie, Scared Straight? Here’s hoping.

‘The vast majority of the nearly 66 million pigs raised for food in the United States never experience this life,i however, as they are born and raised in CAFOs, where they are subject to mental and physical anguish, not to mention subject to incredibly unhealthy practices, like the administration of unnecessary low-dose antibiotics and living in their own waste, which impacts whoever ends up eating the meat as well as the environment.’

“Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is a zoonotic pathogen of which pigs are reservoirs. To determine the presence of HEV RNA in commercial pig livers sold in local grocery stores in the USA, 127 packages of commercial pig liver were purchased and tested by a universal RT-PCR assay capable of detecting all four known HEV genotypes. Among the 127 livers tested, 14 were positive for HEV RNA. Sequence and phylogenetic analyses revealed that the 14 isolates all belonged to genotype 3. An animal study was subsequently conducted in pigs to determine whether the PCR-positive pig livers still contained infectious virus. The results showed that pigs inoculated with two of the three PCR-positive pig-liver homogenates became infected, as evidenced by the detection of faecal virus shedding, viraemia and seroconversion. The data demonstrated that commercial pig livers sold in grocery stores are contaminated by HEV and that the contaminating virus remains infectious, thus raising a public-health concern for food-borne HEV infection.”

“Today’s industrial-scale farms—called concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)—house thousands of animals whose waste is periodically applied to “spray fields” of Bermuda grass or feed crops.2,3 The waste can contain pathogens, heavy metals, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria,

All quotes are followed by links to the websites they came from.

What the industrial pig CAFO operators don’t seem to understand is that confinement creates extreme stress which affects not only the health of the animal but also degrades the quality of the pork they are trying to market. All you have to do is give it the taste test; the difference is remarkable.

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