Shield Maidens: An Empowerment Circle for Girls (ages 12-14)


Welcoming Women Ceremony, Beltane, 2013

Are you ready for your daughter to learn the things you are hesitant to teach her, or have just forgotten to teach her or maybe there are simply things you don’t know yourself? Are you passionate about having your daughter feel confident and strong? Does she need to believe in her ability to stand in her own power in the midst of a culture that tries every day to rob her of that power? Shield Maidens is the safe space for your daughter to learn these things and more!

Each week will be centered around 1 of the 7 chakras. We will discuss it’s function and have activities and a talking circle to help the young women integrate the lessons around it. The final week will be a celebration and Emergence to which families are invited.
We will learn about and make herbal remedies; learn basic life skills like fire building and self care; talk about our bodies and how they work; write about and discuss the influence of media on our lives; we will address difficult topics and fun ones; we will sing and dance and we will dive deeply into the lives of the girls and how they are moving through the world.
We are changing Girl Culture to one of support and solidarity!

Starting October 5th and running every-other Sunday through January 4th. 5-8pm.

Introductory session $250.00. $125.00 per young woman. $50 deposit due by Sept. 1st.

About Be Essert: Shamanic High Priestess; ordained minister; facilitator of Red and Pink Tent circles for girls and women since 2009; Waldorf homeschooling mom; BA in English/Anthropology; Reiki Master; Cranio-Sacral Therapist; Herbalist; Flower Essence Consultant; graduate of 13 week mentorship training with Journey of Young Women; Ceremonial Rights of Passage.

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