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Monthly Archives: January 2015

  I will make you uncomfortable challenge your boundaries you will question yourself and blame me for it. I will speak my truth, ask for your au then ti ci ty. You may fall on the ground and thrash out a tantrum or scream in my face because you are having feelings sparked by my fire and your fear of your own fire. My power is dazzling as having a star land… Read More

Our Red Tent Temple began in late October 2009 in my small, green living room. For a year or two only a few women came each month. We talked about whatever we wanted, relaxed, maybe shared some food but it wasn’t awesome. It was just okay sometimes and others it was bit disappointing. After two years I decided to give it up. The plan was to go to the Southeastern Women’s Herbal… Read More

Today is the first day of my cycle. Beyond the things that be must done (grocery shopping or we would starve!), I like to spend the first day or two really taking care of myself. It is frigid outside, mid-January, and the sun is still playing shy. So, for today, there is a comfy chair, a big, soft pillow, a quilt, a fire and a good book. There are organic oranges, pomegranate… Read More