Moon Time Self Care

DSCF4952Today is the first day of my cycle.

Beyond the things that be must done (grocery shopping or we would starve!), I like to spend the first day or two really taking care of myself.

It is frigid outside, mid-January, and the sun is still playing shy. So, for today, there is a comfy chair, a big, soft pillow, a quilt, a fire and a good book. There are organic oranges, pomegranate soda and a bit of chocolate.

Spending a day or two really feeling what is going on inside of your body is something I would strongly recommend for everyone to do at least once a month.  For women, the first day of our moontime flow is the perfect time to take break and tune in to what our bodies are feeling and to see what we can do to realign our energy flow, to put our feet up and allow ourselves to be taken care of and to treat ourselves to a bit of pampering.

Some of the things I enjoy doing are: taking warm baths; eating comforting foods, whatever that may be in the moment; having a massage or other body work; taking time to do a large tarot spread; cuddling with the kitties or my daughters; in warmer months I might sit in the sun for a while, simply doing nothing; settling in and reading a good book without stopping to do the laundry or clean the toilet, those things can wait a few days (except in crises!).

The really important part of this is the act of being still. Giving our minds time to relax with our bodies so that we can feel what is really going on inside. Do this favor for yourself. Once a month, take a day or whatever part of a day you can get, and spend it quietly. Breathe.

What do you do to honor your body and your flow?

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