On Being a Powerful Woman


watercolor on paper by Be Essert


I will make you uncomfortable
challenge your boundaries
you will question yourself
and blame me for it. I will speak
my truth, ask for your

You may fall on the ground and thrash out a tantrum
or scream in my face because you are having feelings
sparked by my fire and your fear of your own

My power is dazzling as having a star
land on the ground before you. Is it
terrifying? Stunning? Do I blind you
with my unabashed brilliance?
Listen as I plant my feet
this one, thrum, that one, jarring
the earth
into shaking
your bones.

Is it my fault that your jaw drops open
and then clacks shut in the wake
of the earthquake that is me?

If you don’t want the challenge,
If you don’t want to answer the difficult questions
not even to yourself,
If you want to continue living the lie,
you had better run, run, run like hell is coming
on the heels of the earthquake that is me.

*I didn’t really intend to write a poem but what the heck.

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