Snow Days on the Coast of Virginia

For the past month our lives have been moving, seemingly, at the speed of light. I spent several days in Florida beginning my apprenticeship of the Shamanic Priestess Process(tm) and came back in time for my husband to leave for Turkey. Planning several classes, two girl’s circles, trying to keep Latin and Math going for my 7th grader, food in the house and the laundry done has had me running so fast that things like dusting, making a really good meal, enjoying a snuggle by the fire have all fallen by the wayside.

For the above listed reasons, which could also be a list of things I am deeply grateful for, I’m thrilled to have had most of this week to myself. There has been time to focus, settle, luxuriate and dust! We had snow in Southern Coastal Virginia, you see. With this white stuff came a series of temperature changes that are difficult to keep up with. 34 today, 9 tonight, and on and on. The roads get warm, the snow melts, the temps drop, everything freezes. We do not have the infrastructure to deal with a lot of road salting/sanding because this type of weather is rare here. So we stay home.

Staying home this week is and has been a deep blessing. Planning, tidying, celebrating my husband’s birthday quietly and without any pressure was wonderful. In this way I find that life is very often like a poem–it’s not the things we do, it’s not the words of the poem, but the space in between that make it beautiful. The layer of glittering white emphasizing everything with it’s silence.

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