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Monthly Archives: June 2015

It has been a busy few years. Beginning when I started our local Red Tent Temple in late 2010 and increasing in tempo a few years later, with becoming a Shamanic Priestess and a Shamanic Magdalene, learning to Journey, and continuing and expanding my work with young women and girls. Now┬áI look forward to welcoming my first Shamanic Priestess Circle here at Four Oaks, am apprenticing a circle with Anyaa McAndrew several… Read More

  For the past year I have been playing with some basic principles of Feng Shui: creating altars and using the understanding that the guas serve as representations of specific areas of my life and if the energy is flowing freely in the gua, it will flow freely in my life. I have never read a book about Feng Shui…or, perhaps I have but any memory is buried beneath decades of parenting… Read More

One of the instructional pieces I go through with the girls in my circles is about Body Sovereignty. I begin by asking them if they know what a sovereign is or what sovereign means. Once we have the meaning distilled down, especially the part about being a Queen, I go into how they are the Queens of their own bodies. Body Sovereignty is a bit of a touchy subject and yet I… Read More