A Beginner’s Thoughts On Feng Shui

Abundance altar


For the past year I have been playing with some basic principles of Feng Shui: creating altars and using the understanding that the guas serve as representations of specific areas of my life and if the energy is flowing freely in the gua, it will flow freely in my life.

I have never read a book about Feng Shui…or, perhaps I have but any memory is buried beneath decades of parenting and other information. Essentially, the information is not accessible if it was ever there.

One of the big focuses for me in using Feng Shui is manifestation. I’ve rarely lived on the streets or been hungry. I have also never had a job that paid me enough to rise above the ‘poverty level’. I am fortunate to have a husband for whom none of these things have ever been an issue. He is an excellent manifester and I love that his ability allows me to live well. Still…there is always the thought that I should be able to support myself if need be, and by doing work that I love. As my children have grown and left home, working for myself and creating my own abundant income has (and is) a primary focus for me.

In light of this, I have made a strong effort to clean up and honor my abundance gua, my career gua and my helpful friends, compassion and travel gua. Guess what has happened? Grace and ease.

My work in the world is with girls and women and energy. These are things I am passionate about and feel completely engaged in when I’m doing the work. Since putting in effort to make sure that the chi flows clearly and beautifully through the entrance into our home, the flow of energy coming into my girl’s and women’s circles has increased. The very day I finished my abundance altar and blessed the lovely plant that is there, 2 women paid in full for the first weekend of my Priestess circle.

Feng Shui is working for me! Setting intention is a normal part of my life, working with the energy of intention in this deeper way has deepened the effects. As you can see in the above picture, an altar doesn’t have to be complicated or incredibly showy. You simply need to honor the gua, the energy you are calling on and calling in.

Thank you Mother/Father/Divine. I am blessed.

Have you used Feng Shui in your home or place of business? I would love to hear your story.

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