Wild Gaias Reunion, 2 years and 2 days

Imagine 8 women ranging in age from 58 to 13 years, walking in the darkness of Leo new moon onto a Virginia seashore to watch the Perseids. The women are carrying drums, blankets, a jar of garnet elixir and a burning bowl, someone has a ball of yarn. With the youngest leading, the trail of women treading through the sand dunes in the darkness comes to a halt as they crest the dunes and see the ocean. The ocean is glowing a brilliant, neon turquoise at the crest of every wave, all along the shoreline, as the breakers move in and pull back.

Yes, there is magic afoot.

Sandbridge Beach, VA. August 14th, 2015.

This was the evening for ceremony, the evening when the most members of our group were able to be present. I knew that the meteor shower would be ongoing over the weekend and together we decided that going to the darkest place possible would make star gazing much more enjoyable. We had no way of predicting that we would show up at the specific part of the Virginia coast, just a few miles long, that would glow on the night we were there.


August 14, 2015 taken by Julie Eberhart

We were all little loony, in spite of the moonless skies, as we romped and played, splashed and stomped in the breakers. Stepping on the damp sand meant creating a circle that looked like lighting radiating our from our footprints. Swooping the water over our legs and shoulders and allowing it run in rivulets down was stunning, like bathing in the smallest of brilliant galaxies.

Slowly, as the energy quieted, we each made our way to our gathering place, found a spot on a blanket and circled up. We began a ritual that sprang almost fully formed from the pages of The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd. (Thank you!) We called the directions and then we took the ball of yarn and one-by-one wound it around our wrists, weaving ourselves into the larger circle of our siStars. We had been pondering all day on what binds us, what are the things holding us back from living fully into our potential and we meditated on that as we silently wove the yarn around each of our wrists and tied the ends together.

As we sat, all connected by the yarn and by the web of love we share, each of us took our turn speaking about what binds us, things such as fear, complacence, and anger. As we shared, 3 of our siStars drummed quietly. Then I lit the burning bowl and we collectively released ourselves from the binding, pushing the yarn into the fire. We watched wordlessly as the yarn flared, flamed and subsided.

We then passed the garnet elixir to bind our intentions and to aid in our releasing. We sang songs. We had one more go at the waves. We lay down, looked up and watched the shooting stars race above us.


August 14, 2015, Sandbridge, VA. Photo taken by Julie Eberhart.


In this perfect manifestation of as-above, so-below with the sky reflecting the sea reflecting the sky, we lay in a living mandala, head-to-head, looking at the sky as the meteors flowed above or gazing off toward the ocean as the bioluminescence created constellations in the ocean.

As we became chilled and started yawning, we packed up and headed for the cars only to find ourselves bound by padlocks and fat chains. The gates to the parking lot had been closed and locked as we celebrated on the beach! Soon we were freed by kind officer and were on our way back home to dream.

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