Dream of Nicole Christine

Last night I dreamed that Nicole Christine and I were camping and she told me, ‘Protect the girls. Take care of them. That’s your job.’ (I’m reading Under Her Wings).

The dream was complicated and weird, as dreams often are. My husband and I were fostering two little girls, aged about 18 months and 3 years. I took our daughter, who is 12, camping. My husband showed up to camp with us but without the little girls. When asked who he had left them with, I found that one was a clown and one was a convicted pedophile. I *knew* that he would rape those little girls to death. I knew this in my dream space.

Cut scene to me sitting in the sunshine with a woman who is in 3/4 profile to me. I know her in my dream, know her intimately as a friend and as someone who I respect very much. We are companionably looking over a field with tents ringing the edge and girls running around in the center. We are in mottled shade. There are mountains surrounding us. And she tells me, “Protect the girls. Take care of them. That’s your job.” I believe that she knows what she is saying.

When I wake I think, ‘Okay. Now I know what I’m supposed to do, what my life path is.’ The answer isn’t simple, there’s no clear path to protecting the girls, but still, it’s becoming more and more clear.

The woman, unsurprisingly, was Nicole Christine, the creatrix of the particular Priestess Path I follow, via the lineage of Anyaa McAndrew. Daily I feel more blessed to be a part of this process, this unfolding.

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