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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Walking the Celtic Wheel of the Year For the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling. Being a homebody at heart, all of the travel, while exciting, is also wearing. This year I have dedicated to learning from home and to doing ceremony at home. One of the ceremonies I have dedicated myself to this year is working with the Celtic Wheel of the Year in a 3D form…. Read More

You meet her in fairy tales as the witch, and as the Baba Yaga. You find her in stories as the crone, a bit frightening but one who teaches lessons that would not be learned in her absence. She is a trickster and she presents tough challenges for those on a journey of initiation. She is the one who sets the test for the quester. She is usually cunning, a bit wild… Read More

Today a friend shared a couple of links. One to Sharon Blackie’s website and one to Kiva Rose’s blog. The overall theme is Edgwalking, the state of being an Edgewalker, something that I and most of my best beloveds are by nature. Kiva Rose says, in her blog post (linked above): “I admit that it’s sometimes tempting to shut up and play it a bit safer. To keep my opinions neutral. To… Read More