The Healing Power of the Red Tent Temple

Years ago I read the novel, The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant. I thought it beautiful and moving and it never, ever occurred to me that I might go out into my community and create such a thing, such a space for the women who live here, in this modern time. That thought occurred to someone, though, and eventually I became aware of this movement and created a Red Tent Temple in my home.

That was many years ago and ever since we have gathered together one Sunday each month in sisterhood and solidarity. The RTT is a time and space where women come together and nurture ourselves and one another. For some of us, sometimes, it is the ONLY time when we are able to really lay our burdens down at the door and come in, emotionally naked, and share our lives with other women who will hold our stories and their tongues, and who will reach out and help if we ask, in a circle of safety.

For me, doing the kind of work I do in the world, Red Tent is a much-needed soft place. A place free of judgment and the fear of judgment. A place where I can be me, just as sad, or bitchy, or tired, or human as anyone and all of this is accepted completely and without question, anger or fear. There are times in my life when my fire burns those around me but my Red Tent siStars are magical and made of dragon hide. They simply shrug off the flames, offer a smile and move into their own stories.

I love the times I spend in the Temple with the women of my community who show up month after month with food, with stories, with heart. I cannot imagine my life without this nourishing place. I wish this for you, too.

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