Poverty Consciousness

A few days ago I posted the following to my Facebook page. I rarely post deeply real things there. People call it “Vaguebook,” for good reason…but in this instance I have had enough and gave in to the temptation to be deeply real and a bit aggressive in my post.
Interestingly the feedback in the comments section was overwhelmingly positive. Some folks even PMed to ask if they might share it privately.
I am choosing to share this on my blog so that I can remember this–the need so many of us have for a powerful response, the need for fire rather than water. We need the cleansing flame sometimes. It is simply true.

I’m posting a link to this article for the many who believe that my family or I owe them something simply because my father/my children’s grandfather has a lot of money. He does. And we are often materially blessed by this abundance. It is also true that my kids ALL work, often more than one job. Some are or have been in college while working more than one job. They pay their bills, take care of their pets, volunteer to help the world by spending time or donating earnings, and are responsible human beings in all of the ways that matter.
As a mother, I have resisted creating a post to this effect for a long time. We are, however, in a situation where one of my children is being threatened *repeatedly* by an ex-lover who believes we owe something due to the miracle of lineage. I see that poverty consciousness has been carried through this person’s lineage and is the root of these repeated attacks.
Sometimes the key to ‘helping’ someone is through irritating them enough to make them think about something they don’t want to look at.
“Anytime we repetitively feel that there is not enough of “this or that”, it forms a chemical rut of impoverished thinking in our body-mind which depletes our energy, manifesting vibration, and financial outlook on life. Every time this lacking feeling is regurgitated it creates mini “poverty attacks” in the inner world, which eventually manifest into physically lacking finances on the outer world.”

One friend left this beautiful quote in the comments:

“The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face.” – William Makepeace Thackeray

One of the quotes that guides my personal compass, 100% true and all you ever need to remember, IMHO.

And this was my response:
I hear you…and yet, I am a catalyst, not necessarily a peaceweaver and so I own my own power to enflame, to enrage, to engender change in myself and in others.
Keeping quiet, taking the abuse, holding our tongues…these are all shadow pieces that Patriarchy has taught women and I completely and utterly reject them. I will not hold my tongue (or fingers!), I will not be a nice girl, I will not act like kindness is the correct response to abuse.
The post is worded defensively so that it is readable to those who think differently that I/we do. I do believe, in fact, that I owe something to society thanks to my privilege!
I would like to add here that the quote is deeply true, in my experience, and I’m still dancing with the pieces of what the actions that have effected my adult child are bringing up for me. On the surface of it are decades of hearing that there is nothing of value about me, but that everyone who is interested in me in any way must actually be interested in my father’s money. From the time I started dating until the time I stopped giving a fuck, people…”friends”…often told me that friends, boyfriends, etc. were only after me for money. This is funny because I’ve never had an abundance of money! Even my husband hears it now, about himself. We’ve been married for nearly 16 years and have stuck out some hard times with one another and yet? There are assholes out there who think that Mark puts up with me because I’m so rich. Let me be clear: I bring in about $10,000 in a good year! Hah!
Anyway, this is where my shadow dance has taken me, personally, with this situation. Thee are deeper layers, certainly, but I’m still peeling back this very thick one.
As to the ex-lover…the telephone number has been blocked, I’ve been ‘unfriended,’ and assume my kid has, though my husband, youngest daughter, and several of my girlfriends and my eldest son’s ex-girlfriends are still on the ‘friend’ list; and for the past few days the harassment has ceased.

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  1. Beautiful Blue Eagle Dreamer, The person you are is a blessing, the way I see you, to yourself first, family, friends, those you facilitate and those who you know and know you. Of course, there is a difference between know and KNOW. Coming from a place of not knowing about the abundance in your family of origin, I would never have known. For me, you have always exuded confidence as a person and Sister. I am very happy that you have resources to live you life as you are able and to do things that make your heart sing. You are a person that has a heart and drive to share your knowledge, who you are, to enable women to come into their being, being an example of motherhood, carrying mother energy, willing to see light and dark alike within, and without. What an example for me you have been in speaking what is true to Self. I am so sorry that ex lover has acted out from his own fear and conditioning. Even if it is jealousy, it is still based on fear. I think the mirror piece is in this life you have come to experience the absence of that kind of fear personally and ripples out to your children. It is wonderful how conscious they are of “paying it forward” as the saying goes in whatever way resonates. Each of us only owes to ourselves first. I know you are a generous person with your heart and do what intuition leads you to do. You have a knowing about you that is beyond earthly price. Know you are loved and treasured. Crystal Wind WalkerRuth Anne

    Date: Sun, 29 May 2016 13:47:21 +0000 To: rab6366@hotmail.com

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