Magdalene Annointing Oil

saint_mary_magdalene_mariamagdalenaI am an Illuminated Magdalene High Priestess. My work during the Magdalene Process, which I now facilitate, was the deepest and most difficult I’ve done in my life. Connecting with the spirit of the Magdalene was an incredibly foreign activity for me. The essence of understanding that one has come in to live a life as a judgment receptacle and to offer back only love. Love. That was the key piece. Love. I’d spent my life raging, fighting, rebelling, and doing all sorts of nutty things: drugs; living in a car or, like a troll, under a bridge; knife fights; gun fights; fist fights…crazy, edgy, running with the shadows of myself and the shadows of our world.

Looking back, I wonder how I managed to live, though I clearly recognize that my angels and guides were there always, watching over me, protecting me. Sometimes they saved me when my throat was right up against the blade.

So working in such a deep way with this pure, accepting, non-judgmental love was a whole new world for me and it was a tough bridge to cross…from bitterness to sweetness. I’m still not all the way to the other side but I can tell you that the crossing has been beautiful.

I am now engaged in a course with Anaiya Sophia, one which really begins today. I’m excited and hopeful and ready for the learning, the downloads, the deeper cycle of change that this will bring.

One of the things recommended as part of the course is to use oils and there was a list of suggested oils for bringing in the essence of the Magdalene. I pondered them all individually and decided that I needed to channel and create my own oil. As will any oil blend, scent and loving it are very individual. What makes me purr might make you yelp! Hah. I’m sharing my blend here anyway, in case you might like to try it for yourself.


1 oz jojoba oil
35 d rose
2d cedar
11d jasmine
4d myrrh
9d patchouli
4d ylang ylang
25d sweet orange
17d sandalwood (Australian)
11d spikenard

I used many of the oils from the King Solomon’s blend that I’m familiar with and other oils sacred to the Magdalene. Some of the things that went in were a surprise to me!

I love the scent and know this is the perfect blend for the altar I will create for this course. In related news, this will be a traveling micro-altar and will hopefully grow a bit as I enjoy our family vacation. I will share photos of the altar in on of our hotel rooms along the way. And yes, our beloved Four Oaks will be tended and loved by our dogs and a lovely housesitting couple.

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