Nice to my Husband #shift2love90

I am making the commitment now to post something nice about my husband every day for the next 90 days. It won’t be easy, I realize. There may be some repetition. There will probably be days when I don’t want to say something nice about him because we’re embroiled in conflict and our egos are locked into winning. But I’m going to do it.
For today the nice thing I want to say is this: Whenever I travel Mark washes the bedding and makes the bed with clean sheets and blankets the day I’m arriving back at home. I always climb into my wonderful bed covered in clean linens, get a little cuddle, and then sleep easy. #shift2love90

The above is from my Facebook wall. It isn’t public and most of my posts aren’t, so I’m sharing this here in hopes that others will join in.

The reason I’ve chosen to do this is that I believe that if I focus on the positive, if I commit myself to offering a kindness to my partner every day for 90 days, it will shift something huge in our relationship. It will cause me to see him through the lens of love, rather than the lens of frustration or exhaustion or apathy.

My husband has agreed, with a little pressure, to do this along with me and I LOVE reading his posts each day. His posts make me feel loved by him. Honored. SEEN.

There is something powerful here and I hope that you will join us.

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