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Monthly Archives: January 2017

A group of women can, potentially, come together as a group and through their work together, channel nothing more than pure archetypes, or the Shadow of archetypes for the Collective. In this instance I’m using the word Collective to symbolize the Collective Consciousness of spiritual women who are working consciously with Divine Feminine Archetypes. Last summer I enrolled in a course that ended up being called The Temple of Sophia. We were… Read More

Today is the 90th day of #shift2love90. I made it, posting almost every day and twice on the makeup days. When I started this, I didn’t realize that today, day 90, would also be Inauguration Day. That today my husband would be gone, not only for the day but for the weekend. That the entire World was going to shift in some extremely powerful ways as I wrapped up this little experiment…. Read More

(It’s a movie, you should watch it.) Every time you make a racist statement, I wonder why you are so insecure. Every time you use the word, ‘Nigger’, I judge you. Harshly. I think less of you as a human being when you show your racist, your *comfortably, incredibly entitled, unaware, pathetic, terrified, soft underbelly. The underbelly that has allowed thousands? hundreds of thousands? millions? of human beings more worthy, more kind,… Read More