Dear White People…

(It’s a movie, you should watch it.)

Every time you make a racist statement, I wonder why you are so insecure.
Every time you use the word, ‘Nigger’, I judge you. Harshly.

I think less of you as a human being when you show your racist, your *comfortably, incredibly entitled, unaware, pathetic, terrified, soft underbelly. The underbelly that has allowed thousands? hundreds of thousands? millions? of human beings more worthy, more kind, decent and respectable than you, to be killed, raped, imprisoned, beaten, belittled and harmed in so many ways I can’t even being to count them. And I can count into the billions.

How dare you? How dare you sit on your soft, white ass and proclaim someone less than you because of the color of that person’s skin? How stupid can you possibly be? Have you ever had one conscious thought about how small your words and attitude make you seem? How small they make you, in actual reality, as a human being?

I can’t. I just can’t any more. I have no respect for you. I see your stupidity and your fear and I can’t sit around and listen to it any more.

I’ve spent my whole life alternately telling you to shut up or shutting my own words down.

I was indoctrinated to fear black people. ‘Nigras,’ as my family called them. Called you, if you are black. I was indoctrinated into the belief system that white people are superior, that we are smarter, that we are more human.

I’ve spent most of my adult life fighting that indoctrination. Logically, I recognize that it is wrong. Wrong. Not just ethically and morally. Not only wrong because it’s wrong to treat anyone badly. But wrong because, statistically, it is just fucking wrong. Scientifically, is is just fucking wrong.

You are not right, white people. You are not right because you are white. You, if you are racist, are wrong and I will never again sit through it without a word.

Note: this also applies to *anyone* you set your mind against for no better reason than color, race, religion, sexuality or whatever.

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