Clearing for the Collective


A group of women can, potentially, come together as a group and through their work together, channel nothing more than pure archetypes, or the Shadow of archetypes for the Collective.

In this instance I’m using the word Collective to symbolize the Collective Consciousness of spiritual women who are working consciously with Divine Feminine Archetypes.

Last summer I enrolled in a course that ended up being called The Temple of Sophia. We were to work with this most Christed of Divine Femine forms. As it turned out, what we did was dance with the darkness, we created chaos, we opened all of our wounds, lifetimes of them, and allowed them to bleed into the dry dust of the Temple.

Imagine the Dark Mother, abandoning her young in their moment of need. The Killing Mother, feeding her children to wild animals to keep herself safe. The Blood Thirsty Mother, feeding on the warmth spurting from the veins, or wombs, of her daughters.

*Imagine the Trinity of Truth, Beauty (or Love) and Wisdom acting out the Shadow aspects of those things. Truth becomes Lies and Manipulation. Beauty becomes Bitterness, Ugliness and the Cold Queen or Wicked Step-Mother. Wisdom becomes the Dunce, the Fool acting from ego and with a lack of integrity.

*Imagine the 9 Muses, the Sacred Artists, creating chaos, rather than beauty. Calliope, the beautiful-voiced, howling like a banshee. Clio, who ‘makes famous’, using slander and defamation as her tools. Erato, she of the sacred sexuality, using her beauty to woo the lovers of her sisters. Euterpe, Giving Delight, delighting in the havoc and chaos and adding to it in any way she can. Melpomene, Celebrate with Song, singing ballads made of rumors, anger and lies. Urania, Heavenly One, dissociated and uncaring. Polyhymnia, She of Many Hymns, all written about how horrible women are. Tersichore, Delighting in Dance, only the dance she delights in is one of defamation and soul death. Thalia, Rich Festivity and Blooming, ripping the heads off anything beautiful and celebrating only hate and gossip.

And, as in all Greek plays, we have The Chorus, singing from the bottom of the stage, urging the action on. Urging the fall. Playing whatever role they are required in order to see that the Mother and the Trinity and the Muses and even themselves, fall in the worst possible way onto the sword.

There is no Deus ex Machina in this play. The gods do not, indeed, descend on a platform from above to save the the Collective. The Collective must do its own saving, its own  re-sourcing, and find its way back into solidarity, honesty and integrity.

The Dark Mother may find herself ragged and tired, not sated. She will find the Good Mother within her heart, the Stable Mother, the Protective, Caring Mother. The Trinity will find the taste of their work despicable. They will find that honor and adoration are only sourced from Love, Truth and Beauty. The Muses will finally, finally understand dissonance and create harmony instead. The Chorus will wipe the blade and put it away, begin singing songs that are attuned, create action that is sacred.

And having done all of this for the Collective, the Collective no longer must do this for itself, for ourselves, because it has been processed and distilled already.

*Ideas for the Trinity and 9 Muses came from my friend, Camilla Buckley.


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