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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Several weeks ago my husband was out of town. He loves to prospect. A strange hobby, you may think, but we are strange folk, prospecting is the least of it. Anyway, while he was gone, I decided to place an energetic barrier around our land. A barrier made of raw quartz and focused intention. So Baby Troll and I went around with rocks and thoughts of beneficial chi, solace, and safety. We… Read More

The roots thread the Earth, tree-veins, dormant In these winter months. Imbolc, the brief pause Between Inbreath and Outbreath, as the roots Feel the first tingle of Spring, feel the sap stir Just slightly, then begin to rise. The Canada geese are back, pecking around The chicken coop, finding the lost grains of corn The fat mama goose needs as they begin building And then feathering, their nest inside the pool fence… Read More