Stones, Prospecting, Gridding the Land

Several weeks ago my husband was out of town. He loves to prospect. A strange hobby, you may think, but we are strange folk, prospecting is the least of it. Anyway, while he was gone, I decided to place an energetic barrier around our land. A barrier made of raw quartz and focused intention.


So Baby Troll and I went around with rocks and thoughts of beneficial chi, solace, and safety. We placed stones at the ‘corners’ of our land then connected them to create a circle. Once the circle felt complete, we turned it into a sphere (as above, so below) of protection for this place.

As we set this into place both of us could feel the buzz of energy as the stones linked up and went to work. Stones are amazing allies.

These particular stones, come to find out, talk to my husband. He tosses those who may want to join us here to the side as he digs. At the end of the day, he picks up those who he feels most want to come here with him. The stones I used were gathered in this way without my knowing about it.

The day after he came home from prospecting he told me about a dream he had the night before. He said, “I dreamed that you put crystals all around the house and they lit up and created a cone, or a tipi of light that was protecting our home.”

Just this week I saw a website that is dedicated to linking Ascended Gaia portals all over the Earth by using crystal grids. They ask that you send in a photo of your grid so they can add it to their pics. Well…my grid is a bit large. Maybe it’s not even a grid at all. If it is a grid, is it an Ascended Gaia grid? I have no idea.

What I do know is this. Though I often can’t remember what type of stone I’m working with I can hear them and I know them. I hear them sing and tone and hum and chime. I feel the power as they link up and go to work with their pure, crystalline energy. (See what I did there?) And the stones volunteer for this! Daddy Troll digs all day, looking for gold like its the Yukon circa 1897. He listens to the stones. They’ve been dragged up out of the earth by generations of men and women looking for iron, sulphur and gold and these stones know that they want a job.

And so they come home and they do it. They charge up and run this ‘portal of peace’. They clear out of the land that is healing from centuries of assault and come here, to help hold the frequency of peace and harmony, to help me do my life’s work of healing this land, my lineage and of leaving something for the generations to come.

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