Some Changes to My Clearing Practice

I’ve finally discovered the tap root of my Personal Clearing and Space Clearing practice, my Mystery School. It has taken me quite a long time to discover how I want to offer this work to the world and I’m excited to share this with you!
If you’ve been looking for some help with clearing your field of attachments–to people, stories, entities–I can do that. If you feel yourself affected negatively by your electronics, your meter box, or other electrical devices or impulses–I can help. If you are ready to clear your field of stickiness and uplevel your consciousness in order to open to new possibilities, a Personal Clearing session is the perfect way to begin.
A personal clearing session will last 1-2 hours. After that, I will touch in often (for as long as 1 month) to continue the clearing. You do not need to be present for any of these unless you prefer to Skype or come to me for the 1st session. I use pendulum dowsing and deep intuition along with a specific clearing protocol to do this work.

**This is not your typical clearing**


From this point forward there will be some changes in the way I’ve offered my services, both locally and remotely. Remote work will be donation-based and ongoing, with a suggested minimum donation. The same will be true for clients who come to me at Four Oaks. I hope that this will create healing opportunities for many who cannot afford this work otherwise.

If you’re curious about my qualifications, or my training, here are some highlights:
I trained with Melody LeBaron, of Transforming Space, to become a Space and Personal Clearing Practitioner.
I’m also a Reiki Master; Channel; Intuitive; and Grid Worker.

If you’re in need of my services, please PM or contact me via SolMani or my website,

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