space clearing: not what you think it is


Today I was driving around thinking about my Clearing work and how it seems to be viewed in my community. Yesterday someone, in a truly energetically funky house, said to me, “…came by and waved some sage around. I think that did it.”

So many people believe that sage does it all. Sage is wonderful, however, there are times when I despair of ever finding more than a few loyal clients who realize that what I do and waving around some sage are not the same thing. Sage is great! I use it all of the time. I find that it is wonderful to set and help maintain a resonance but will not rid you of all of the things a space clearing will.

The Space and Personal Clearing protocol I use incorporates information learned during an intensive training process during which I worked on homes and businesses in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. The work calls on information from my teacher, Melody LeBaron, and from Denise Linn and Eric Dowsett. This is like an MFA in Clearing Work!


Back to today, in the car, I suddenly thought: I’ve got it! It is admittedly a little long because I felt strongly to include some food politics in the story because this is also potential clearing, what we eat directly affects both our bodies and the body of the planet.

Here’s the analogy:

Let’s say you make some broth. The vegetables you put into the soup carry the energetic imprints of the person who grew and sorted and bagged the seed, of the farmer who planted the seed and the ground they grew it. The vegetables also carry the imprints of the person who picked them, sorted them, washed and bagged them and of the grocery clerks who shelved them and the one who rang up your grocery order. Then there’s you. What sort of mood are you in when you cook? That goes into the pot as well.

If you’re cooking with meats or bones, you will have similar energetic imprints from the life/lives of the animals who go into your pot. Was your beef raised knee deep in feces and mud, fed chicken manure (it’s called something else on the feed bags, rest assured) and then rushed onto a huge, loud truck and shipped to a torturous facility where it was (hopefully) killed before being slaughtered? You toss all of that into the pot along with your 8 ounces of ground sirloin.

So now you have your soup. It’s ready and smells delicious. You’re home alone and decide to eat while you watch tv so you grab your bowl of soup and head for the couch when, EEK!, you trip and spill soup all over your gorgeous, new carpeting.

What do you clean it up with? Do you grab a broom and start sweeping it out the door? Of course you don’t! You choose smarter tools to clean up with because you know that the broom won’t pick up the liquid and will smear those soft, yummy veggies and pieces of sirloin into your brand new carpet. Sure, the broom will pick up the most obvious pieces and chunks and if you leave the soup alone there might only be a little spot that’s noticeable (especially once the dog licks the carpeting all day while you’re at work). But that soup is still going to be there, molding, festering, growing bacteria.

And this, folks, is what happens when you wave some sage around. The obvious chunks of stale, fusty energy disperse but there’s a lot left to live with and it doesn’t get better with age.

Consider me the Molly Maid of Energetic Clearing Work! I come into your home with the equivalent of a magical soup remover and a steam cleaner and I get that stuff out.

Sure, I might use sage at the end of a clearing, the sage sets the tone and besides, it smells really good. It’s what I do before that that’s going to help your home look brighter and feel happier immediately.

If you’re ready for a clearing, get in touch or explore my Clearing heading under Work With Be for more information on pricing and services at

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