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Monthly Archives: November 2017

I’m supposed to be taking a FB break but today I just can’t. I’ve read too much from women who are so overly identified with Patriarchy that they think that women who have been raped or abused should just shut up and get over it, slap the guy, or something. And there are also all of thoseĀ #notallmenĀ men, talking about how they should have grabbed more asses while they still had a chance…. Read More

At first glance this may seem to be a story about lack. It may seem to be about wounding. It used to be about those things, but it is now a story of abundance and a story about how we can and will manifest all that we desire. I come from a wealthy family. Some people believe that this makes me wealthy as well but that isn’t true. I’ve always struggled to… Read More

It can be easy to feel diminished by our lives, to feel as though the daily grind is more than we can bear or that love is waiting out there somewhere, rather than right here, right now. It is easy, for me anyway, to fall into a negative space where I focus on the challenges rather than focusing on all of the blessings encountered every single day, all of the things that… Read More