It can be easy to feel diminished by our lives, to feel as though the daily grind is more than we can bear or that love is waiting out there somewhere, rather than right here, right now.

It is easy, for me anyway, to fall into a negative space where I focus on the challenges rather than focusing on all of the blessings encountered every single day, all of the things that are wonderful and should be encountered whole heartedly and with our complete attention. When do we lose this ability to truly root ourselves into our joy. Remember being a small child so filled with happiness that your small feet bounced or danced or trotted? How your body simply expressed the feelings of overflowing excitement so powerful that you could not contain them. Imagine, if you can, that no one ever led you to believe that you needed to contain your joy, or to deny it!

It can also be easy to believe that wholeness lies outside of us, rather than inside of us. Ditto for love, as if we are incomplete on our own. ‘My other half,’ or, ‘my better half,’ are examples of this. How can we understand our own massive power if we are only half of something? How can we possibly be sovereign, in charge of our own lives, if we are less than whole?

You know the answers.

I’m reminded of a passage near the end of my favorite poem, Anna Liffey by Eavon Boland:
“Consider rivers.
They are always en route to
Their own nothingness. From the first moment
They are going home. And so
When language cannot do it for us,
Cannot make us know love will not diminish us,
There are these phrases
Of the ocean
To console us.
Particular and unafraid of their completion.”

Imagine how life would be for us were we not afraid of our own completion. Imagine. Completion meaning our own melting away, or flowing away to merge completely with…everything. Sovereign, complete unto ourselves, and yet also unified, edgeless, a part of everything that exists. Imagine if we knew that our joy could not diminish us, or that love could not diminish us. Imagine us believing that we are ‘particular and unafraid of’ our own completion.



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