Months ago a woman in another country, an ocean away, a woman who I don’t know at all, gave birth to a babe who would most likely not be long in this world. After a very short time, she lost her infant daughter. At the time of the birth, I prayed fervently for both of them, placed 2 rose quartz stones in the center of my labyrinth, 1 for each of them, and when the babe’s spirit passed from this world, I relocated her stone to a different place on the labyrinth.
As time went on, the color completely leached from the rose quartz stone I placed for the babe, while the stone of the mother retained it’s color. Pale, yet incredibly vibrant and beautiful.
Today I found the infant’s stone lying on the ground as I walked the labyrinth. Today, I carried both out with me as I prayed for them both again, but mostly the mama, left here and who must be still bereft. As I said, I don’t know her, I only know her story, can only imagine her thoughts and her pain.
The water in the river this morning is mirror-still and I cast the babe’s stone into it, into the river of timelessness and the river of life that continues flowing all around us whether we are attentive or completely unaware.
The small stone flew surprisingly high before landing and I stood and watched the ripples as they circled out and out, farther and farther.
I thought that perhaps, someday, this mother would stand with her feet in the sea, maybe next summer, maybe a year from now, and one of those tiny ripples will reach her and wash over her feet and that she might, for just a moment, know that she and her daughter’s story opened up hearts the world over. That she may for moment understand that there is love coming to her from places she has never seen and people she does not know. And that this may somehow soothe her, even for just that moment.
This is how we all are, you know? Most of us are not tidal waves but only capable of sending a little ripple out, here and there. What sort of ripples are you sending into this wide open World?

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