International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day.

It’s easy to say thank you to women like Oprah and Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai and Vandana Shiva, Gloria Steinham and Audra Lord, because they have led the way in such public, mainstream ways. I am thankful for these women and so many more who, like them, have taken the stage to lead the way toward equality for all women.
Today, however, I want to say thank you to the Working Women, Stay at Home Moms, to the Coffee Shop Baristas, and the gals who work at the makeup counters and who work in gardens, to all of the women who live their lives without much recognition and very little in the way of thank yous. *Thank You*.
Thank you to the Magdalenes and Priestesses. Especially you, for changing the vibration of yourselves and through yourselves, the World. We are like the bees, carrying our hum and our nectar back to the hive, adding our vibration to the whole, adding our sweetness…every single one of us is changing the world in an intentional and important way.
For the Shield Maidens, all of the girls and young women who are looking at themselves in the mirror and who are able, at least sometimes, to see beyond the bullshit the world tells them to look for and to see who *they really are*, young women of brilliance, young women of importance, who have a message and a strength to bring to our world beyond the belittling than can get the best of them living the daily lives of girls and young women. I hold you and know that you remember who you are.
Today, ladies, we are to be recognized and lauded. All of us. Today we will not step out of the way on the sidewalk. Today we hold our ground with pride and direct eye-contact. Today we know that being a woman is something to be proud of. May this be every day.

*This is copied from a FB post I wrote. Someone mentioned how they had enjoyed it and I thought it best to hang onto it.

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