There is no ‘us’.

There is a lot of us-vs-them mentality going on now. There are those who believe we should have and continue to have the right to keep and bear arms. There are those who believe that times have changed, that too much violence is happening, that too many innocents are dying.
I have news. There is no ‘us’ and there is no ‘them’. We are all one. We are all the I AM presence of Divinity. We are the living, breathing, manifestations of the Creator of All.
If you can step away from the feed, from the news you are fed, and look at your co-workers and your neighbors, the people you see at the convenience store and those you see at the football game and those who you see at church and think about how many of them might be ‘pro’ or ‘con’, how does that make you think differently about them? Does it make you think differently at all?
What if those people are the truth and all of the information we are being fed is bullshit?
What if illegal immigrants are humans, hungry and poor, needing safety and sanctuary? Yes, like the old woman who does the floors at the office building you work at or visit. Like the gardener who lives in a trailer with 15 of his closest kin.
What if that conservative Christian, denim wearing family next door–the ones who bring you bread on Easter and cookies at Christmas–are simply kind people with beliefs a bit different than yours?
What if the woman who thinks guns need to be confiscated is your child’s kindergarten teacher and sends home Dixie cups with seedlings in them and pasted together popsicle stick art that has been carefully wrapped and taped to keep it safe until it is safely arrived at home?
What if the fellow who brings you a venison roast every year, who always has some wild blueberry jam to go with his delicious, shot last weekend, roast duck that’s always on the table at the company’s fall picnic, whose adorable, brown-eyed boy lisps just like your oldest child used to, also has an AK in his gun safe because he is afraid of what might happen to his family if he doesn’t?
There is no us. There is no them. We are one. Feel that. Sit with that for a moment. Love is the only way through the wall that hate has built. Love.
We. Are. One.

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