Going Within

It happens every year, this draw to nestle inside of myself. As the days grow shorter and the Winter Solstice draws near, I feel very much a kinship with the plants who subside into the Earth to await the return of light and warmth. A necessary quiet time.

In light of this…because of this? I find that days are spent more quietly. Fewer words. Fewer dramatic thoughts. Much less need to check in with social media, or other people, or anything really that offers more information than my own internal world.

This is a good time of year for deep self-work. It’s a good time for self-reflection. For healing.

Yes, it’s also the time of year when there’s a party every weekend and gift shopping is very much a real and powerful part of my to-do list, however, those things are peripheral to what is real for me.

How do you feel at this time of year, as the Earth slips into winter and longer darkness and the sweet soft womblike space? Do you feel enlivened by parties and holidays? Do you feel more quiet and desirous of the silence? Are you breathing fire and awaiting Spring?

However this time of year affects you, may you have a million blessings, warmth, love, kindness, a full belly and a full heart.


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