Dream: Crystal Cave

Do you remember your dreams? Some of them? Many? None? Dreaming is often a topic of conversation within the circles of women I find myself in. We all dream differently. Our symbolisms are not all the same. If you believe in a Collective (Jungian) Unconscious, you might find that your archetypes and symbols mesh well with those written in his and so many other’s books. The desert, where you are alone, parched, and thirsting, for example.

Last night I had a dream that I think is hugely symbolic for where I am now, and also of where I’m headed.Image result for deep creek river

The dream began in the mountains. Soft, moist, with a leaf-covered understory and a wide, lovely river flowing through. I was in the river, floating along, allowing myself to be carried by the water to wherever we were going.

Alas, I arrived at a point where the river was walled off with a giant, stucco wall under which the river flowed. In order to continue floating along it, I had to get out, pay an entry fee, and–as one does with these things–walk through the gift shop to enter.

After checking out this situation I went to my Priestess sister and friend, Lisa, and asked her if she would go with me. I knew the next phase involved following the river into the Earth. Lisa already had a plan to go with a group of women Initiates and it remained unsaid that I would not be going along with them, as I was uninitiated into their work.

I went to Raven, who was, I believe, the Shepherdess leading the group into the river to the Underworld. She told me how one arrives at the entry and I listened, having no idea how difficult this was  going to be.

Unable to find a known sidekick to join me, I wound up paying my admission and sitting the the lunch counter with a blondish, balding man and a woman with whom I agreed to try to find the entrance. As it turn out, the stairs in this operation led into a partially subterranean cavern through which part of the river flowed over a bed of sand and crystals.

I remembered Raven’s instructions but could not find the entry. The man and woman kept on diving into the root of trees that grew up along the far side of the cavern and whose tops were above the earth. This diving into the roots had been part of the instructions but I found that without a guide, and in this roadside attraction, I had no desire to travel into the unknown unguided.

So I walked along the perimeters of the river, well lit, with the stalactites and stalagmites meeting like columns and dividing the cavern into chambers. These spaces were filled with crystals, gorgeous, glistening in the knee-deep waters of the river flowing around my legs. Now and then I’d bend and pick up a stone as I walked slowly back toward the steps to ascend, knowing that this was not the time to continue my journey on the river into the Underworld.Image result for crystal cave

I ate at the lunch counter with the man and woman who had been unsuccessful in finding the entry. We parted ways and I went around the attraction to the place where the river continued flowing along between the sedate banks of the Upper World.

Raven was there, standing on a huge boulder in the center of the river, surrounded by huge, thrusting clusters of crystals. She said something to me and I showed her the stones I’d picked up along the edges.

She smiled. I smiled. We both knew what we meant.




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