Red Tent/New Moon Sister Circle Tips. Two. Location.

Where do you gather together for a Red Tent Temple? Do I need a tent?

Red Tent Temples happen all over the place! I think that my ideal location, if I could have all of my wishes and dreams met, would be inside a small, insulated yurt perched on a platform beside a bright, mountain creek. In winter there would a be little snow (I’m think the Smoky mountains, not the Rockies!), in the summer there would be cool air rising and a lovely breeze.

Image result for yurt by mountain creek

But really, who can afford that? Besides, I live in SE Va on a tidal river and any mountain is at least a 3 hour drive.

So, as you’ve probably already read, we met in our green sitting room for a while, moved to the gardening cottage, got old and arthritic and moved back inside to our larger living area with the red furniture. So, for me, meeting in my home has worked beautifully.

Other groups meet in churches, often sharing the small expense of renting a room for a couple of hours, or in community centers. Back yards, garages, actual tents, yurts, tool sheds, etc are all venues for gatherings of women in community.

Your space does not need to be fancy. It simply needs to be comfortable and safe. If possible, it also should be accessible for those with mobility issues. That’s one block I’ve run against having the gatherings in my home–it is not welcoming or easy, or actually possible, for some to be with us due to the arrangement of my home. It’s something to consider when choosing your location.

More next week. XO ~Be~

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