Agua Florida

Several months ago some friends and I decided to make our own Agua Florida. We spent some time googling the ingredients, sniffing a bottle of Agua Florida we had purchases, and deciding that we’d like something cleaner to clear ourselves with. After some discussion and experimenting, here’s what we used:

Agua Florida
3 – 12 ounce jars
1 lemon
1 orange
2 Tbsp lavender flowers
3 star anise
3 tsp tulsi/Thai Holy Basil
3 tsp raspberry leaf
3 sprigs of rosemary
30 cloves
3 leaves each of mugwort and motherwort
3 tsp of lemon balm
Tito’s vodka

We sliced the lemon and orange, divided the ingredients among the 3 jars, and poured in vodka to cover.

This is best done on the New Moon and left to steep at least until after the next Full Moon. When ready decant by pouring through a cheesecloth lined wire mesh strainer and then pouring the liquid into another jar. Top off with 1 Tbsp (per 12 oz decanted jar) and filtered water. The ratio of infused vodka to filtered water should be about 3:1.

Now it’s ready to use!

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