Mother + Daughter = LOVE

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an online experience for Mothers and Daughters.

Illuminating the Transition from Girl to Woman

A Mystery School where Mothers and Daughters explore the changing boundaries around relationships, bodies, and self-determination as daughters move through the initiations of puberty, budding sexuality, and independence in the larger world.

As our daughters grow–from little girls to teens, from teens to young women–the entire family shifts to hold and grow with these changes. This course will help you navigate those changes in healthy and supportive ways.

Often, girls are fraught with shame…

body shame, intellect shame, race/class/ability/gender identity and myriad other kinds of shame…Shame comes from everywhere and is often very specifically aimed at females.

Imagine how great it would feel…

  • to throw away the old story about parents and teens arguing all of the time.
  • to know that your daughter trusts you enough to come to you with anything. Anything!
  • to know your daughter sees you, in all of your humanity, as someone who loves her without conditions and who deserves love and compassion, too!

Both of you crave real connection. This course can help you achieve that.

The shifts that occur as a girl grows into a young woman obviously affect the mother-daughter relationship. It is often very difficult for mamas to let go of our babies and yet, we know that our children must differentiate, that they must grow up and move into the world.

This is actually *the entire point* of our jobs as parents! Raising competent, capable people who will go out into the world.

This class is designed to be attended by mothers and daughters together.

More than anything, this is a Master Class in Heart-Centered Communication.

You will have homework. Small things to weave your connections together. Opportunities for you to take note of how you interact and to deepen your listening skills and to open your hearts to one another.

We will meet online once every four weeks until we have met seven times. Classes will last about 1.5 hours. There will be a private Facebook group for communications. I am available by appointment for those who need further work outside of class.

And then there’s this: We mothers get blamed for everything.

Moms need this class, too! We need support and affection and all sorts of things we often let fall by the wayside in the froth of parenting and work and activities. Just knowing there are others facing the same obstacles can be deeply affirming.

For years, possibly decades, we are blamed for everything our children believe we did wrong. We are blamed for everything our children to wrong, too! When you think about the power people seem to believe we hold, it’s incredible. The truth is though that this is not about us having power. It’s about one more thing to drag us into the soulless depths.

This blame game is what we are taught and in this course we will unravel some of the threads binding us to this story where mothers carry the blame for all of humanity. We do this unraveling for ourselves, and we do this for our children, so that they can step into their own strength and knowing as adults. (When the time comes!)

We will use rhythm, story, art, and other ways of Womancraft to knit ourselves into the web of understanding.

I have daughters and we are SO connected…

My eldest and I had a LOT of strife when she was a teenager. We got through it and she and I are really close now, like the kind of Ride-or-Die close that you usually only get with girlfriends.

My youngest daughter is 18 and all of my previous experience meant that her life has been much less fraught with trauma caused by my parenting mistakes. And…my life has been much less stressful because I’m more aware of what is really important to me, to her, and to our relationship.

We pay attention to staying connected. It is a priority for us. And yes, us, not only me. We are partners. I respect their thoughts and opinions and they mine.

I’m offering this class:

  • after years of facilitating girl’s and women’s circles, processes, and retreats.
  • because there is so much potential for women who recognize the face and body of the Divine within themselves.
  • as a way of sharing years of personal experience, professional trainings, and my heart’s most dedicated calling with YOU and your daughter/s.

This class is for you if:

  • You feel yourself and your daughter entering into more and more frequent conflict and without any idea of how to rectify it and get back to that place of understanding, love, and peace.
  • You just don’t understand your daughter (or mother!) and want to find a way to finally ‘get’ her.
  • You’re doing alright but want to grow and maintain your strong connection and maybe have some fun along the way!

I’ve done this work in person for many years and this will be my first online offering for Mothers and Daughters. Because of that, this class will be offered at a discounted rate of $55.00 in exchange for your feedback as the BETA group.

The class will be limited to 8 pairs of participants. The fee includes tuition for parent and child.

Beginning on , Saturday, February 15th at 10:00 am EST for ages 11-14

Beginning on , Saturday, February 15th at 5:oopm EST for ages 14-18.

Classes will be on the Zoom platform and will be recorded for those unable to be with us live.

To Register:

Mother + Daughter = Love

Deposit for the full online BETA course for one mother and as many daughters as fit within the age parameters.


Mother Fox and Girl Art Print, by JERRY’S WORLD by Jared Freihoefer

Mother + Daughter = LOVE

Or pay in full.


Testimonials from girls who have attended my classes:

“Thank you so much for teaching. It was so fun calling the directions and learning to use my voice!…I learned so much.”
Sadie N., Norfolk, VA

“Thank you for…Shield Maidens and for teaching me about my body and chakras. I had a lot of fun and learned so much. Thank you!”
Chloe O., Chesapeake, VA

“Thank you for everything you have done.”
Jillian S., Chesapeake, VA

“I always leave feeling more confident and strong. One lesson in particular has helped me. Since learning about the throat chakra and speaking up, I’ve made an effort to speak up whenever I feel I need to. I feel empowered and confident in myself and my opinions. Thank you for helping me on my journey to be a mighty woman.”
Shira S., Norfolk, VA

Deposit is non-refundable unless the class is canceled, in which case you will receive a full refund.

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