Urinary Tract Infection Remedy

Recently a friend had a terrible urinary tract infection. Definitely in the bladder, perhaps in the kidneys as well. She called me to see if I could offer her something to help partially because she prefers natural treatments and partially because she couldn’t really afford to go to the doctor. I told her that antibiotics might best, especially as she had blood in her urine before she came to my home to collect her herbal help.

I love herbs and am learning all I can about them. In this instance I consulted several volumes in my home and collected everything I had on hand. Here’s the list: rosehips, about 1 Tbsp; lemon balm, dried, about 1 Tbsp; Lady’s Mantle, dried, about 2 tsp; garden sage, dried, about 1 Tbsp; the silk off of 2 ears of corn; dandelion leaves; stinging nettles; blackberry leaves. The last 3 items were collected from the yard and I grabbed a handful of each.

All of this got stuffed into the teapot and covered with boiling water. It was left to steep for about 30 minutes. I poured it into a jar with some honey from our hive. It could be argued that any sugar is bad for a UTI, however honey is antifungal, and antibacterial. Ideally I would steep this for at least 4 hours.

While we were waiting for the decoction to steep, I handed my ‘patient’ the Aconitum Nepellus from my homeopathic remedy shelf and had her take two every 10 minutes. When she left, she forgot to take the Aconite but remembered the ‘tea’ and drank it all.

By the next day she was vastly improved and within 24 hours the pain, burning, blood and, apparently, the infection had cleared.

I’m not saying I’ve found The Cure, but it worked for my friend and I want to record the information should I need to access it again.

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