Herbal Bitters


Bitters are excellent for boosting the production of bile in the gall bladder. I use them a few times per year for several weeks because there are times when I can feel my gall bladder. When I can *feel* it, I know it is asking for attention and I begin a 4x per day, minimum, herbal bitters regimen. I take a dropperful whenever I think of it. Eventually I stop thinking about it, which means my gall bladder has stopped asking for attention.

I love having my own, home made, home grown bitters on hand.


2 parts Yellow Dock
3 parts Burdock
5 parts Dandelion

Around here this means tablespoons in a 12 oz Ball mason jar. Top off with brandy and let sit for a month. As always, I prepare near the New Moon and decant near the Full.

I won’t tell you they taste great but I enjoy them quite a bit when my body is crying out for them. Spring is a great time to get bitter lettuces and other bitter greens into your body. Bitters, too. We need the astringency after a winter of heavy food and a less active lifestyle.


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