Wood Altar Spray, for Your Abundance Gua

Abundance altar

My abundance gua is in our Master bath, right beside the toilet where a cabinet sits. I love having an abundance altar but want to be clear to the Universe that while I deeply appreciate an abundance of toilet paper, it’s not exactly what I’m after when I think of abundance in my life!

The top of the cabinet is our altar. It stays clean and uncluttered. There is a wooden box, a few pine cones and a jar filled with stones. The altar in the Abundance Gua is associated with the Wood Element, and so is a very earthy, grounded altar space. I call in the energy of that groundedness with objects and also with a spray I make at home.

The Wood Altar Spray Recipe includes essential oils of Rosewood; Cinnamon Bark; Frankincense; Myrrh; Idaho Blue Spruce; and a dropperful of an FES Flower Essence from the Range of Light kit, Joshua Tree. When I make the spray, spirit guides the proper number of drops of essential oils but I will say that I’m generous. The oils are some of the less-expensive ones, which makes abundance in preparation easy!

I also keep a couple of dollars up there, a small love offering from a Priestess SiStar. The paper money is made from wood and also carries the vibration of the marriage of love, generosity of spirit and financial abundance. Things I think we all would like to have in our lives.

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