Ordained Clergy

As women move through the Priestess Path and Magdalene Mysteries, they often find that they are ready to move more deeply and publicly by offering their services in ceremonies and celebrations of matrimony, birth, death, coming of age, croning, and other.

Please scroll through our list and by clicking on the links on each bio, you will find a page filled with more information on each Divine Illuminated High Priestess.


Rev. Crystal Carter

Crystal Carter is an Ordained Minister through the Madonna Ministry, Illuminated Magdalene High Priestess, Mind, Body and Spirit Coach and a Reiki Master Teacher. She has dedicated her life to the study of metaphysics, healing modalities and helping the planet through the ascension process.

To see more about Crystal, please follow this link.


Rev. Yasmira Ramos-Feliciano de Leffakis

Quad Diamond Lily High Priestess

Orange Star Universal Life Force

Founder of the LeMurian Goddess SiStarhood Circle

1972, La Escuela del Consejo Moral de Puerto Rico Inc., born and initiated into the school of the Christian teachings of moral advise.  Scientific spiritualist school; lifted veil and held mediumship spiritual court.

To see more about Yasmira, please follow this link.

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