“Everyone needs to do this.” and, “The shamanic priestess process was enlightening, deep, soulful work, fun, uplifting, totally amazing. You can work as shallow or as deep as you want, but why be shallow? I went for it, dug deep and it was truly beneficial to me, to my circle, my family & the larger community. I think every woman walking around should do it, and I hope there’s something similar for men out there too.”
~Suzanne Wheatley, MSW Norfolk, VA

“Immense gratitude to you, Beautiful Ones, for sharing your wisdom and love in bringing this  opportunity for remembering, embracing and embodying our  essential Truth and Purpose as Divine Feminine Beings.
Every step through this process – every song, every exercise, every experience – has awakened  awareness and been magically profound for my growth and healing on this deeply personal journey. Sometimes it’s taken courage to face resistance and fear – then epiphanies  and Joy!  It has been incredibly rapid transformation that  continues ~ my Sound Healing work has taken on a whole new  dimension! I highly recommend this process to every woman whose heart is desiring to identify her purpose, recognize her higher gifts, real-ize her strength, beauty and calling ~ to live more fully. All this lovingly supported with Anyaa and our apprentices and our circle grandmother holding an open-hearted, encouraging,  sacred space for breakthrough after breakthrough –  Priestessing in action! ~ thank you, Love!”  ~ Priestess Sat PremBlessings of Luminous Light & Sacred Sound  Sherry E., Sat Prem Kaur


“…..bottom line “this process” is about knowing you and celebrating your womanhood and your personal spirituality. It is powerful and emotional and you will dig deep into yourself to know yourself in a whole different way; but one that finally, finally makes sense! Not only that but you will verbalize it, share it and be HEARD and ACCECPTED by these newly found sisters of the heart. You will open up and poor out and fill up again and again and no matter what you will be accepted and loved. If you want to discover the real woman within, if you want to be stronger, be confident in who YOU are then do this process…… And, even though there will be a change in you, you will still be you! “Kimberly AKA Priestess Marilyn


“The Shamanic Priestess Process has been a beautiful vehicle for me to wake up.  It has made me aware of old-built-in patterns that did not work for me.  With the support of my circle of sisters, this experience has allowed me to let go of my ego and surrender, opening the door to let in the higher power, seeing a new way to be me.  The women who have come into my life because of the circle will be my dear friends and sisters forever and beyond. I feel blessed.”
Annette N., Orlando, FL


“Thank you so, so much for the clearing you did for us…after you left, I asked Willoughby what she thought about it. She took a second before saying, “Was it to make the house feel more like home? Because it worked.” Perfectly summed up by a five-year-old! Again, thank you, and we love you!”
~Caroline T., Virginia Beach, VA


“Thank you so much for teaching. It was so fun calling the directions and learning to use my voice!…I learned so much.”
Sadie N., Norfolk, VA

“Thank you for…Shield Maidens and for teaching me about my body and chakras. I had a lot of fun and learned so much. Thank you!”
Chloe O., Chesapeake, VA

“Thank you for everything you have done.”
Jillian S., Chesapeake, VA

“I always leave feeling more confident and strong. One lesson in particular has helped me. Since learning about the throat chakra and speaking up, I’ve made an effort to speak up whenever I feel I need to. I feel empowered and confident in myself and my opinions. Thank you for helping me on my journey to be a mighty woman.”
Shira S., Norfolk, VA


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