A Letter to the Red Tent Temple Ladies

The letter details some changes to the way our RTT works. To what we do in our gatherings. I hope that these changes make our space more welcoming for more women. If you’d like to attend, please reach out.


Dearest Ladies,
Thank you all so much for the feedback. I appreciate those of you who answered publicly, as well as those who PMed and approached me in person.
First I want to offer an apology to anyone who has felt unseen, glossed over, or as if they are in the midst of a clique. That is not and never will be the way Red Tent is supposed to operate. It does seem, however, that we have come to be that way and I don’t like it.
I also want to thank those of you who spoke about presence and your ability, or inability, to be completely present with the talking circle when some women talk for nearly an hour, while others share for only a few minutes.
This, too, is a problem that can be easily repaired.
The bottom line for Red Tent is this:
If we are to continue, I will need to facilitate rather than simply offer up the space, and because of that, there will *have* to be an energy exchange offered by those who attend. This energy exchange can come in the form of a $5 Love Offering, or in the form of coming early to help set up, or staying after to help break down.
Changes that will be happening are these:
Every RTT will have the massage table set up, covered in clean linens, and ready for energy work. Offer work, receive work. A simple exchange. Or offer work and let us know that you will receive at some time in the future. Every single one of us is able to give a foot rub or hand massage to a sister, so giving does not mean that you must be a Reiki Master or CMT. This, too, is energy exchange and is at the root of balance.
There will be a topic for each RTT and you, the attendees, will–if you feel so called– offer to give a short (15-20 minute) talk on something. This can be your area of expertise or passion. I know that we have women who attend regularly who can speak on topics such as natural/home childbirth; raising children with special needs; white supremacy culture; extended breast feeding; herbal remedies; spirituality of a variety of sorts; menstruation; activism; fitness; light codes; nutrition; hormonal balance; vision boards; and the list goes on.
The talking circle will then focus on this topic and we will each have a 5 minute limit during which to offer our thoughts, experiences, feelings, etc.
After that, if needed, women who have questions may linger to ask them. Other may move off to do body work, stretch, dance, drum, sing, or tell a story in the Story Chair.
Yes, we will still prepare food for one another.
Yes, we will still have water, tea, and other drinks to share.
Yes, this will be very different.
Yes, it will break our cycle of venting and bitching about our lives as the sole focus of RTT. It will not, however, prevent you from doing that, it will simply mean this happens more privately, in a small group that may spin off to do a deep, emotional check-in in a quiet corner.
We can also host local, spiritually-inclined women who do things such as gonging (Rhonda B Barnhill) or who offer classes on spiritual collage (Kimie Porter) or other. Feel free to offer suggestions.
I’d love for one of you to volunteer a topic and talk in December! Patricia KayTricia Mahlau-HeinertAnita GomezSuzanne Hawver Wheatley; This can be your Energy Exchange for the month.
Please be ready for this change in December and PM me if you wish to help with set-up and break-down rather than offering the $5 donation.
I am excited to bring this new, clearer, cleaner energy to our Red Tent Temple and hope that this make our Temple more welcoming to women who are new to our group.
XO ~Be~

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