Personal Clearing Work

A Personal Clearing is a way to release unwanted mental and emotional patterns.

After their first Personal Clearing, many (including me!) experienced huge, dramatic “miracles” in staging areas of their lives which had been blocked. Others experienced a peaceful, steady increase in their ability to manifest their highest choices.

Each time you do a Personal Clearing session, you take off another ‘layer of information’ that is not the TRUTH of who you really are. Both the person being cleared and the person clearing hold these intentions:

  • We hold a space of love: in the presence of unconditional love, anything other than love can rise to the surface and clear away.
  • We hold a space of non-judgment: we do not make judgments about any information that presents itself to clear.
  • We hold a space of non-attachment: we do not identify with, or define ourselves by, any information that presents itself to clear.

reiki-principlesSpace Clearing Work

Your home may be clean, organized, and feng-shui-ed, but does the subtle energy within that space support you? Many westerners are unaware of the impact of emotions in our home. We are unaware of the causal link between how we currently feel in our homes and all that has happened in that space in the past.

For your life to work well, it is vital to understand the impact of emotional energy. Everything that has ever happened in your home is recorded in the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, objects, and plants in that space. If you have ever experienced walking into a room after an argument, you can feel that heavy, tense energy hanging in the air. Repetitive patterns are deeply imprinted; we can all sense the different energetic imprints in a cathedral and a crack house.

The residue from stagnant or negative energy collects in the corners of a room, just like cobwebs do. It can also create a vortex of what is called “sinking chi,” draining all the life energy out of a room. From an energetic perspective, no matter how organized and clean our space is, we may be living and working in stagnant psychic residue if we have never cleared old emotional energies and patterns.



All Remote and on-premises at Four Oaks Sanctuary clearing work will be offered on a donation basis.
Clearings will continue for a period of time ranging from 1 week to 1 month, as needed.
Suggested Energy Exchange of $125 for a Personal Clearing or Remote Space Clearing.

It is important to note that an energy exchange must occur for the clearing work to fully integrate. A clearing takes 2-3 hours of my time. A fair exchange is, for me, something valued at the same amount of your time whether it be money, or a previously agreed-upon barter.

What is ‘energy exchange’, and why is it important?

In one version of the Reiki story Mikao Usui treated people for free:

[Usui] decided after a few days to go to the beggar city in the slums of Kyoto to treat the beggars and help them lead a better way of life. He spent seven years in the asylum treating many illnesses. One day, however he noticed the same old faces kept coming. When he asked why they had not begun a new life, he was told that working was too troublesome, and that it was better to go on begging. Usui was deeply shaken and wept. He suddenly realised that he had forgotten something of great importance in his healing work, namely to teach the beggars gratitude. In the following days, he thought out the Reiki principles…

A few articles on what others charge:
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These folks charge $400

Contact Be for more information.

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