How to Know if You Need a Clearing

How to Know if You Need a Space Clearing

Even if your home LOOKS wonderful, it may still hold adverse energies. Everything that has ever happened in your home is recorded in the walls, floor, ceiling, and furnishings in the space.

If you have ever walked into a room after an argument, you’ve felt that heavy, tense energy hanging in the air.

Repetitive patterns are deeply imprinted; we can all sense the different energetic imprints in a cathedral and a crack house.

The residue from stagnant or negative energy collects in the corners of a room, just like cobwebs do. It can also create a vortex of what is called “Sinking Chi,” draining all the life energy out of a room. Which means that YOUR physical energy will have to fill the space rather than your Space sustaining YOU.

From an energetic perspective, no matter how clean and lovely our home is, we may be living in stagnant psychic residue if we haven’t properly cleared old energies and patterns.

How do I know if I need a Space Clearing?

Answer the following questions to determine if your home needs a professional Space Clearing:

Why do spaces need to be Space Cleared?


Predecessor Energy

  • Did you clear the former occupant’s (of the home or land) energy before you moved in?
  • Do you know about the health and wealth of the former occupants, and why they moved?
  • Do you know of any traumatic events that have ever happened in your current home or neighborhood? (Death, illness, addictions, marital problems, financial hardships, arguments)
  • Do you have any information about how the property your home is on was used in the past? (Pasture, farmland, burial sites, sacred sites)Your Relationship with Your Home
  • How would each member of your household describe the state of their health, relationships, and careers since moving to your present home?
  • In your home, do you feel stronger or weaker, lighter or heavier, more or less able to focus?
  • Do you look forward to coming home?
  • Do you and other people feel comfortable in your home?
  • If you have children, are they afraid of the energy in closets, under the beds, or in corners? (Negative or stagnant energy may accumulate here; children are often more sensitive to it than adults.)
  • Are your plants and animals healthy?
  • Does each family member sleep well at night?
  • Do you feel that your home is beautiful? Why or why not?
  • Are you “tolerating” anything about your home or land or neighborhood?
    • Do you feel your home has a good flow of chi (life-force energy)?
    • Do you know how to test for this?


Chi Energy Flow, Yin/Yang Balance

• Do you feel your home has a good balance of active (yang) AND nurturing (yin) energy?


GeoPathic Stress

  • Has your home been cleared of any Negative Ley Lines? These contribute to mental and physical ailments (fatigue, poor sleep, low immune system, depression, illness) and can also attract earthbound entities or ghosts.
  • Have all Negative GeoMagnetic Fields been cleared? These contribute to physical, emotional and mental disturbances.
  • Has your home been cleared of all adverse effects of underground water?
  • Are you being adversely affected by energy relating to Fault Lines, Pressure Ridges or Radials?


  • Technological Stress
  • Do you live near a power station or substation, a microwave tower, high tension power lines?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable near the computer or microwave when they are turned on? These machines emit a lot of electromagnetic frequencies that are unhealthy for humans; some of us are more sensitive to the EMFs.
  • Do you do any aspect of your work from home? If so, have you considered how the following impact your career? the position of your desk, how close you sit to the electrical fields of the air conditioner, radio, clock, lighting (fluorescent has an adverse impact on the body)
    • Are there any rooms of your home where you experience any of the following: fatigue or lack of energy, mental fog or confusion, sadness, shortness of breath, breathing shallowly, or difficulty breathing, a feeling of heaviness, feeling uncomfortable


  • How Do I Prepare for a Space ClearingA Space Clearing will be a sacred, transformational experience for you and for your home. Here are some ways to maximize the effect of the Clearing:
  1. If you can have your home clean, that would be wonderful!
  2. If you can have fresh flowers anointing the space, even better!
  3. The success of a Space Clearing is directly proportional to your willingness to allow the any suppressed issues of a personal nature to show up to be cleared. Space Clearing will naturally “shed light” on everything that has been held in darkness, in our shadow, often out of our awareness. The more you can accept and allow your own feelings to surface — without judging or identifying with them — the greater the release you will experience.
  4. As we do the Clearing, I will be holding a sacred space of non-judgment and compassion. I know you’ll do the same!
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