Illuminated Priestess Path

Illuminated Priestess Path

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If you are ready to begin a transformational process for Women during which we work with archetypes; co-create ceremony; and tell our spiritual stories…

If you are ready to reconnect to the Divine Feminine…

If you feel cut off from spirit or from the juiciness of life, from your heart or from finding a deeper connection to all that is…

If you are intrigued by the prospect of diving deeply into healing yourself and the world by plugging in, by plunging into the deep waters of a transformative women’s process…

Read on…

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What you will experience as you journey along the

 Illuminated Priestess Path :


>Daily practices


>Wisdom teachings

>Co-created ritual

>Honoring of your soul’s path

>A safe container for you to do your process

7 Initiations~~approximately 9 months~~full-on activation.

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Workshop 1, the Inner Maiden.
>We will work with your Inner Maiden, co-create ceremony, share your stories, and absorb teachings on Womb Wisdom and the Blood Mysteries.
>Celebrate the archetypes of the Divine Feminine with readings, artwork, and our embodiment of the Solar Feminine.
>You will learn about and participate in a Shamanic Journey and go home with a daily practice to help you fully embody your Priestess Self.
>You will be held in sacred space as you surrender to your process.
…and more!

Clear. Clean. Current.

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You will have the quiet and space you need in order to process your work if you choose overnight lodging at Four Oaks Sanctuary as part of your experience.

If you are certain, here’s what you do:

*Contact Be and let her know that you’re in.
*You can find me at Be Colonna Essert on FB, or by email at,
*Keep our upcoming Inner Maiden date in your calendar!
*Send your $100 deposit to hold your space by following the Paypal link in the right-hand column.

Cost: $1550.00 if paid in full on or before our first meeting, or $222.00 per month for 7 months.

Scholarships are for participants of black, brown, and/or recent Indigenous ancestry (Native American or otherwise), for LGBTQ folks (anyone who is physically female, experiences life as a female, or identifies as female–this is a women’s process), physically handicapped people, single mothers, and for those serving historically marginalized populations.
If you are interested or in need of one of these scholarships, please contact me at:

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