The 9 Initiations

The Illuminated Priestess Path is a women’s process and a Shamanic Mystery School for women. This means that if you experience life as a woman, feel as a woman, are genetically a woman, identify as a woman, experience life as a woman or have an identity that equals female, you are welcome here.

The IPP cycle lasts for approximately 9 months and consists of 7 weekends of retreat and inner work. This is a process for every woman, no matter your religious background or beliefs. We connect with the Divine Feminine as a lost archetype in our spiritual world and move deeply into your stories, your feelings, and your deepest needs.

We begin with an Introductory weekend where we focus on the The Inner Maiden.

This is an Initiation Cycle intended to activate your inner Priestess. By participating you will heal and whole into your life as a more authentic human being and into your sacred work as an empowered, in-power-ed woman.

Are you sitting there thinking, ‘This is all SO mysterious! What IS the Illuminated Priestess Path?” Read on.

Introduction: Theme One, The Shamanic Maiden
Coming of Age as a Path to Reawakening the Divine Feminine Archetype in You

In an Initiatory journey, the rescue of the maiden is primal archetype.

As a human who embodies all of the pieces required to heal, resurrect, and rescue our wounded, imprisoned, or lost Inner Feminine, working with the Shamanic Maiden is the first step.

On the Path of the Illuminated Priestess you will become your own Prince, your own White Knight, you become the One You Have Been Waiting For.

Weekend One is a special introductory weekend designed to allow women to experience the Priestess archetype within and to get a feel for the Illuminated Priestess Path before committing to the entire 6-9 month journey (7 weekends).

During the Intro weekend we explore the ancient-future role of the Priestess as wisdom keeper and chalice for Sacred Presence on Earth.

We discover our unique Priestess expression through wisdom teachings, music, movement, journaling, Shamanic journeying and sharing.

You will learn archetypes, stages, myths and stories of the Divine Feminine.

In a powerful co-created ceremony, we will connect and merge with our inner maiden by sharing stories of our first blood, the 2nd of the Blood Mysteries, therein laying the foundation for “living ceremony.”

Join us and discover the feminine spiritual journey as a path of beauty, power, self-love and service.

Theme Two
InitiationHonoring the Path that leads you home to yourself.
Stepping onto the path of the Illuminated Priestess.

Initiation is a weekend during which you begin to truly embrace your Inner Priestess. You will learn and understand more about the Heroine’s Journey, the ways you’ve traveled to get to this place in your life.

This is the timing you have called in and prepared for as you step truly, and powerfully, and with a great and focused intention into your Sacred Calling.

You will prepare for your Initiation Ceremony through journaling, movement, sharing, an incredible meditation, and ritual footwashing.

You will begin to build a strong foundation of siStarhood by creating a space of trust, non-judgment, and complete acceptance.

You will practice the skills of deep listening, Sacred Containment, and of looking deeply into your own heart and mind as source for the answer to all of your soul deep questions.

You will experience a powerful film, mythology, and a daily practice to take home and use to seal in the work we do together in circle.

Theme Three

Enlightening the Shadow Between Women
Use powerful processes to explore Projection, the Inner Patriarch, and the roles and patterns women inherit that keep them from walking in full consciousness.

Understand more about how Patriarchy has affected you through sexism and racism, how we are taught to be critical and to overly admire the masculine.

Gain tools for conflict dialogue.
Learn how to live with a strong supportive inner masculine, a healthy heart, and an expressive emotional body fully serving the Divine Feminine within.

Theme Four
Telling the Stories of our Spiritual Journey and Horse Medicine Journey

Call back the lost essence of your priestess self and weave together the threads of your tapestry by telling the story of your own personal spiritual journey.

Revel in the blessing of special music and ceremony.

You will be honored with nurturing and complete presence within a womb of safety and comfort.

Enjoy a quiet day looking deeply into your questions for your guides as you journey both physically and shamanically by participating in a Horse Medicine Journey, as created by Be.

Theme Five
Astrological Archetypes and Sacred Marriage

Work with the Wheel of the Year and the phases of the Moon as a basis of planetary sacred timings and your personal power days.

You will explore the archetypes of your inner feminine and masculine, and your own relationship path through the vehicle of Shamanic Astrology.

Create an experiential medicine wheel to acknowledge all of your personal archetypes as represented by the planets and alignments in your chart.

Refine & Integrate the dance of inner feminine and masculine through mystical, guided journeys, music, dance and a Sacred Marriage Ceremony.

Connect with the inner heiros-gamos.

Theme Six
Conscious Death and Sacred Rebirth
Using Shamanic Journeying, Sacred Art, and Living Ceremony, you will clear blockages to  access full life force energy and full chakra alignment.

Travel between the worlds to say good-by to our old selves and Old Earth.

Using concrete tools such as art, and writing and a dusk time fire, release all that no longer serves.

Call forth a vision of the New Earth Illuminated Priestess and her highest destiny, and co-creatively rebirth into your priestess self.

Theme Seven
Embodiment & Emergence of the Priestess Within

Integrate your 6-9 month process with self-care, journaling and sharing, and prepare for your Emergence Ceremony. On this last day we prepare & host our Emergence Ceremony & a feast for our guests and allies on this Sacred Path.

The Illuminated Priestess Path is not a religious process. We do not attach ourselves to one spiritual school over another, and all women, from all beliefs, are welcome in circle. This process is not about learning spells or the teaching of rituals, though we do co-create ceremonies and rituals in the moment. Women from all religious backgrounds come through the circle: Pagan; Druid; Wiccan; Jewish; Muslim; Christian; Agnostic; Atheist. We work with archetypes not dogma.

*The Shamanic Priestess ProcessTM comes through the lineage of my teacher, Anyaa McAndrew, MA, NCC, LPC, and to her through the lineage of her teacher, creatrix of the Priestess ProcessTM, Nicole Christine, with contributions by Linda Star Wolf

 Contact Be for more information on one-on-one work, upcoming circles or to host a Preview evening for yourself and your friends.

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